Rules and Regulations

The Concept II Model C ergometer will be used. You may use the damper setting of your choice, but the setting may not be changed during the race. All races are 2000 meters.

Open and Lightweights will row in a Heats and Final Format.

Children will be broken up into two groups. Those under the age of 10 will have 300 meter sprint. Those aged 10 and over will have a 5:00 race where the competitor who logs the most meters in that time will win the event.

Juniors, Masters, Seniors, Veterans, and Coxswains will row only once in a Finals only format. Rowers will compete as a group. Participants will be seeded, based upon erg scores submitted on the entry form, so that each rower will compete against other rowers of comparable abilities. The best time will win each event.

Lightweight Divisions: In addition to the Lightweight Event, there are Lightweight Divisions within the Junior*, Master, Senior, and Veteran events. The lightweight division scores will be tabulated both inclusively and separately in each of these events. Prizes will be awarded to the top male and female lightweight finishers. Lightweights cannot exceed the maximum weight restrictions: in non-Junior events; 165 pounds for men; 135 pounds for women. *In Junior events; 145 for boys; 125 for girls.  

Veterans Events: All Veterans (age 40 and over) will row together and be seeded according to submitted erg scores, not age. Prizes will be awarded to veterans within 10 year age categories (see entry form), based on raw (un-handicapped) scores. The number of prizes awarded in each age category will depend upon the number of competitors in the category. In addition, there will be prizes awarded for overall champion of all the veteran age categories, based on handicapped scores.

Coxswain Events: Participants must be primarily a coxswain and cannot exceed the maximum coxswain weight (130 pounds for men, 120 pounds for women).

Age Restrictions:

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